About Mooie Jongens BV

info@mooiejongensbv.nl or whatsapp: +31619931099

Founded in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam in 2009, Mooie Jongens BV began as a bespoke service for the city's burgeoning electronic music scene. Today, we stand as the only specialist within Amsterdam's city ring, offering premium audio-visual production and the exclusive rental of Funktion One audio systems and DJ gear.

At Mooie Jongens BV, our ethos is woven into the fabric of every event we amplify: bring uncompromised quality, infuse creativity, and ensure every beat is felt, not just heard. We believe in the power of sound and visuals to transform spaces and elevate experiences, making every gathering memorable. It's not just about being heard; it's about being felt.

Our commitment goes beyond equipment; we prioritize clear communication, social engagement, and above all, having fun. Because when our clients enjoy themselves, we know we've hit the right note.

We're not just a company; we're aficionados of the electronic rhythm, which is why iconic venues synonymous with Amsterdam's nightlife culture—such as Paradiso, Jimmy Woo, Chicago Social Club, Melkweg, and the legendary Trouw—have chosen to work with us.

As Mooie Jongens BV, we're dedicated to ensuring that your event resonates with the same passion for music and entertainment that sparked our journey over a decade ago. Let's create something extraordinary together.