Funktion One F81.2

Funktion One F81.2

"The Funktion One F81.2 loudspeaker delivers great sound and performance from a compact enclosure. Perfect for home/studio use, fills/delays and smaller PA systems when combined with compact bass units.

Latest version with improved port design.

In common with the F101, the smaller F81 also features excellent definition and vocal intelligibility.  It makes a great choice for use in distributed systems and ancillary zones as well as allowing home studios and smaller venues to benefit from the exceptional clarity and purity of Funktion One sound.

If additional bass is required, the Funktion One F81.2 speakers are ideally complemented with our MB112, SB8, SB10/SB10A or smaller BR enclosures.

Also available in weather resistant version with black,white or violet PU coated finish, stainless steel powder-coated grille, stainless fixings, Silicon treated cone, waxoil magnets."